Trip Report: Repovesi Nationalpark 05/07/12 – 07/07/12

I made this summers first trip to Repovesi Nationalpark, with my girlfriend and our dog. Goal was just to relax a long weekend in nature, enjoy fire and grill some sausage over it. Because my girlfriend did not want to carry her backpack for long distances, we decided to look a nice campground near parking lot. I read from internet good places to go and we decided to go to the northern part of the park. Also this part of the park is said to be more peacefull and most of the tourists go to the southern part.

Day 1

We started our car at thursday about 11 am. With stops it took about 3,5 hours to drive to Saarijärvi parking lot. (Kuismantie 990, Kouvola) We took our backpacks and headed to camping spots. The first one (Sukeltajanniemi) was only 0.9km from the car and was really beatiful place. We decided to walk 0.9km more to the next place (Valkjärvi) and this was also bautiful place, but we liked the first one more. Before we headed back to the first spot, our dog decided that she needs some camouflage.

When we got back to Sukeltajanniemi, we build our camp and made fire. In spring I bought a WBBB 1.1 dl hammock, top- and underquilt from UKhammocks. A tarp I had bought earlier from DD hammocks. Because I have been busy at work, this was my first time I had a chance to try my new set up. So my girlfriend was going to sleep in a tent and I in my hammock.

After we got our camp up, we took nice refreshing swim in the lake. Water was warm and very clear and there were a lot of little fishes. We also had our own lifeguard.

After that we made some sausages and hot chocolate by the fire. I think we were quite hungry because I did not take any pictures from sausages. Only one pic of water boiling. Rest of the evening, we just sat by the fire and enjoyed. There were no one else around, but just us three. Weather was warm and there were no wind at all. After midnight, 1 am? we went to sleep. I went to swim before I climbed to my comfy hammock. WBBB was so nice to sleep and although it was under 15C degrees I was toasty in some times.

Day 2

Next morning we ate breakfast, breaked our camp and took our equipment to the car. We took water and food to smaller backpacks and made a day hike to Olhavanvuori Rock. It was about 3.5km hike from our car to Olhavanvuori. At the top of the Rock we were amazed how beautiful our own country can be and you don’t have to travel abroad or to Finnish Lappland to see that. Metsähallitus makes burn-clearing in Repovesi Nationalpark and it makes the landscape quite beautiful.

Olhavanvuori is very popular climbing place and this time there were two daredevils climbing up the rock.

We hiked down from the rock to the lean to shelter and made some lunch. After the lunch we hiked about 1.5km to the scenic lookout tower, at the top of Mustalamminvuori. Because it was so hot, climp to the top of the hill was quite exhausting, but was worth it. From the tower scenery was very beatiful and from there you could see why this area was good hiding place for moonshine makers in the old days.

From Mustalamminvuori we hiked about 2.7km to our car and from there we headed back to yesterdays camping spot. After we got our camp up and took a swim, two girls came with their two dogs to the same place. We had good time with them talking by the fire and making dinner. Also our dog had good time with their dogs.

Day 3

At night it was liitle bit colder than previous night, but I didn’t feel cold. Althought this time I felt little preassure to back of my thigh from the hammock. So I need to get out hanging more, so that I can easily find right angle to hang my hammock. After making breakfast we cathered our equipment and headed to the car and drove to southern part of the nationalpark, to Lapinsalmi parking lot (Riippusillantie 55, Kouvola).

We took smaller backpacks, water and little food and made a day hike. We hiked part of the Ketunlenkki, “Fox Trail”. Trail we hiked was 3.5km long. First we came to Ketunlossi, ” Fox ferry” wich was manpowered ferry across the lake.

At this part of the park was lot of tourists. Especially Russians. Scenery was beautiful also in this part of the park.

At the end of the trail was suspension bridge, wich was the reason there were lot of tourists in this side of the park. Our dog didn’t felt so comfortable crossing the bridge :)

After the hike, we headed back home. Trip to Repovesi Nationalpark was great and worth visiting. We had great weather and very warm at daytime.

Link to photos

Sunday BikeTrip 16/09/12

I made little longer way back home from my parents (~141km). Nice twisty gravel roads in Finnish countryside with my F800GS.

Here is also a video I made with iPad’s Pinnacle Studio App. Just quickly made and I do not accept any commants about the quality :D

New Knife from TKotavuopio

I ordered hand made knife from Tero Kotavuopio.

Although I like traditional Finnish Puukkos very much, I decided to order knife like Rays Woodlore. But I think Tero made it so much better looking. Blade is full-tang and very sharp and also easy to keep in shape. Only thing I would change is to make the handle little bit thicker.

Materials used:

  • Blade is made from 8670M steel. Hardnes 61 hrc
  • Handle is oiled merbau


Where is Hemuli

One of my interests are motorcycles and mc traveling.

I just found out that this Finnish 37 years old guy has started his RTW trip with a motorcycle. I think a man has to have some balls to make this kind of trip by himself .

Awesome…   I’m going to watch this guy on his trip and hope everything is going ok.

Here is link to his site: Where is Hemuli and here is link to his SPOT tracker site SPOT Hemuli 

Tarp DIY Self Tensioning Lines, (STLs)

Last autumn and this winter I bought tarp from DD Hammocks. From Hammock Forums I read that people has made tarp tensioners to tarp guy lines from sling shots. These lines help to keep the tarp nice and tight when wet. These tubes are not usable on Finnish winter because they are made of natural rubber. When they stretch in cold they won’t shrink back.

I made mine just like Just Jeff did and what JRB are selling.

  1.  Cut 20cm/(~8″) long pieces of  TheraBand.
  2.  Cut 180cm/(~70″) of Zing-It, or the length You want. Make loop and tie Overhand Knot.
  3.  Pull the line through the tubing. Leave tubing about 1,5cm/(~0,6″) over the knot. Tie Clove Hitch and two Overhand Knots to keep Tubing from slipping. (Paracord strings)
  4.  Turn tubing over.
  5.  Stretch tubing and measure how much does it stretches. To that point tie Double Overhand Knot. I tied the second knot 30cm/(~12″) from the first knot. I also tied Bowline to the other end of Zing-It.

Total length, when the line is fully tensioned, is about 150cm.

Things you need, to make STLs:

  • Durable thin line. I used Zing-It. Length depends how long you want guy lines to be. I used 180cm/(~70″) long and end result was approximately 150cm/(~59″). (UKHammocks)
  • Tubing. I used TheraBand green tubing. I cut 20cm(~8″) long tubing (Finbort Oy)
  • Durable really thin line to tie the tubing. I used inner strings from Paracord, which were 20cm/(~8″) long.
  • Scissors, sharp knife and meter.

Rukka Warranty

I’m using Rukka motorcycle GTX pants, jacket, and gloves. They are not the cheapest to buy, but boy I can tell you that Rukka’s warranty is the best.

Last summer, when I was in a BikeTrip in Norway, I found out that my Rukka pants seams were leaking from crotch. Also my glove’s lining got pulled away from left thumb. I send the pants and gloves to Kokkola, where is the headquarters of Rukka L-Fashion Group. Pants and jacket has 5 year warranty and gloves has 2 year warranty. My gloves were almost 2 years old and Rukka send me new pair of gloves! Pants were re seamed from crotch. This all took just two weeks in the middle of high season.

So If anyone is thinking of buying Rukka equipment I can strongly recommend them. Although they are pricey, their warranty is what they promise.


I found this great “cloud service” DropBox all thought it has been on the market for awhile.

It is great that you can put files from different computers and from internet and DropBox automatically syncs them to every device that you have linked to DropBox. For example you can get to specific file from your home and work computer.

You can also share files with your friends by giving them public address to that specific file. This is great if you have to share big picture files.

If You don’t have DopBox yet, here is my link to DropBox. We both get 500 MB free space to DropBox. Free version has 2GB at first.


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